Ryan started diving in 1990 and has never looked back. For over 25 years, Ryan has been diving, teaching, and photographing marine life, caves and wrecks from Canada to the Caribbean. He has a passion for exploration and helping others enjoy and appreciate the underwater world.

As a society, we are intimately tied to the underwater world. Unfortunately, since we cannot easily see or visit these places, most of us know very little about them. Divers are known for telling some amazing stories, like fisherman, some of them are even true. However, until you can see it with your own eyes, or through images that others have brought back, it's almost impossible to truly understand what it's like to be there. Ryan hopes to use his photography to help the general public connect to the history and biology in the ocean by introducing more people to the incredible world beneath the waves. Hopefully, that connection will help increase conservation efforts for these unique environments. 


What's Next? 

There are so many places to explore. Ryan enjoys teaching and for about 10 years was quite active as an instructor and leading trips. He still enjoy teaching but recently dialed back diving instruction in favor of focusing on exploration and photography. He still actively searches for new shipwrecks in New England waters and there have a few promising sites that hopefully will pan out over the next few years. Hopefully, the next 25 years can be as amazing as the past. There are still caves, shipwrecks, and marine life that need exploration and documentation.