Nomad Exploration Team Members

Nate Garrett

Nate is a Naui scuba instructor trainer with 25 years of diving under his belt and a passion for the sport. Nate fell in love with the underwater world as a young man snorkeling at his aunt and uncle's lake house in Sunapee N.H. Chasing adventure and becoming a deep-sea explorer was an obvious life choice.
Jumping at the opportunity to join the Nomad exploration team he has spent the last few years living his dream as a team member of such an incredible group of solid divers. A proud member of the underwater rescue task force (a volunteer group) that gets called out 24 hours a day for water-related emergencies. During the week he works as a propane technician.  He lives in Vermont with his fiance and her son. If he's not teaching scuba classes or diving with the team, he's out in the woods hunting or jeeping.