New England has a wide variety of dive sites which allow divers to pursue diverse diving interests from wreck diving, photography, or hunting. However, divers are only familiar with the few dive sites that they saw during their training. Those few sites only represent a few of the different dive sites available to divers. Whether you dive Cape Ann to Nubble Light let us show you a new site or a new area of a site that you've vistied before.


Are you a brand new diver or an experienced diver trying some new gear or new type of diving? We can help with that too. If you have a new camera, new BCD, dive computer, regulator no matter the gear we can help you to get comfortable and dive confidently. Do you have some new divers in your family and would like a bit more help as they get comfortable in the water? Let our experienced dive guides help reduce the stress and help your family to enjoy diving together. If shore diving is not your idea of fun but you just can't find good sites to dive off shore, let us show you some of the great options from Boston to the Isle of Shoals. We have more than 15 years diving New England waters. Whether on a charter or on your own boat we would be happy to help you find new sites or explore your favorites. Shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll set something up to fit your schedule and needs.